The Balm lighter than light is ideal for this mid-year

Today will discuss The Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer in Lighter than Light! This Tinted Moisturizer cases to give a cleaned appearance and ordinary sun insurance. I got mine from for only Rs. 3,320 Continue reading “The Balm lighter than light is ideal for this mid-year”

Fit Me Matte or Pore less Foundation for this summer

I initially had no goals of experimenting with this foundation when I saw it in stores. I haven’t attempted the first ‘Fit Me’ Foundation so I didn’t have any thought how this would perform. Subsequent to doing a huge amount of Google ventures, everybody recommended attempting the Fit Me since it had a decent determination of yellow connotation foundations. Along these lines, I swatched a shade of both the first and new Matte + Poreless foundation and adored the complete of the new Matte + Poreless, it was discounted, what’s more, now it’s in my drawer. Thanks to for assisting me in getting the most suitable cosmetics for my skin type 🙂 Continue reading “Fit Me Matte or Pore less Foundation for this summer”

6 Best Maybelline Products

In the event that you shop in the excellence path at your nearby drugstore, you realize that “moderate” doesn’t need to be synonymous with “shabby.” One excellent brand that demonstrates this is Maybelline. The notable organization was established in 1915 by T. L. Williams, a business person who made a mascara equation for his sister, Mabel. Decades later, in 1971, Maybelline began creating Great Lash mascara — an amazing thing that apparently every lady in the United States has in her cosmetics pack. Indeed, it’s said that one tube is sold at regular intervals. Continue reading “6 Best Maybelline Products”

6 Reasons why you should add facial toner to your beauty routine.

Being a working woman has its own perks and disadvantages, disadvantages being missing my own cozy bed every morning and run through all the routines & of course to reach office on time, missing out family, friends & last but not the least to compromise your skin into unhealthy & not welcoming weather conditions which can be devastating for our skin health. To protect my skin, I have to use different products which can save me from dust, sunlight and all the pollution in the city yet I need to be careful that these products (if not original or cheap) can be equally damaging for our skins so really its catch 22 situation for a woman working in Karachi or for that matter in any major city of Pakistan be it Lahore or Islamabad, living in metropolitan cities has its advantages and disadvantages after all. Continue reading “6 Reasons why you should add facial toner to your beauty routine.”

Why You Need an Eye Cream and How to Shop the Best One

When you as of now have a lotion for your face, it can feel somewhat repetitive to have an eye cream, as well. Yet, the fragile skin around your eyes merits some additional TLC. Here, the many advantages of eye cream, alongside a couple of product recommendations. Continue reading “Why You Need an Eye Cream and How to Shop the Best One”