BIO OIL – Review and Experience

  Over the past few years, I along with the Innovarge Team started a couple of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We worked together with the interior Sindh community to provide free education and clean drinking water for underprivileged children. People who are familiar with the tumultuous weather in Sindh know how cruel it can be especially for exposed skin. Due to traveling very often to that area and mainly during the day for our CSR projects, I noticed that my skin started forming black patches on my cheeks and around my eyes. My friends and family even noticed, and started pointing the spots out. Before things got any worse on my face, I did some research on the Internet and found an award-winning product called Bio Oil on local website,


The reviews were amazing, not only on Just4Girls but on the rest of the web; to say the least I was intrigued. Without hesitation I purchased Bio Oil, and starting it using immediately hoping the black patches on my skin would soon disappear. My daily routine entailed applying the oil after my morning shower and just before heading to bed. Just after two weeks, I started to see the black marks start to diminish. The product itself proclaims, is can cure all different kinds of skin damage: stretch marks, skin discoloration, and scars due to its amazing ingredients. With natural plant oils, PurCellin oil and vitamin A and E, any skin type will feel rejuvenated. Lastly, after continuous use of 2 months the dark patches on my face were nearly gone. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who is battling with face marks, scars, stretch marks, etc. Bio Oil comes in two sizes and sells for around 950 Rps in Pakistan. With great delivery and customer service, I encourage everyone to check out Bio Oil on Here is the link

Your Skin – Face Wash vs. Soap

Face wash verses soap: the great debate! Let’s face it (pun intended), whatever product we use on our skin needs to work with our skin type, with that being said, let’s take a dive into the world of facial cleansers.
Here’s a little backstory of how I even learned the difference. Growing up I was one of those lucky kids; I rarely got a pimple and never had to deal with the horrors of acne. I used whatever soap was lying around the bathroom sink or shower for a quick cleanse. I stayed with this skincare routine for years, until one day in my early 20’s I noticed my skin started getting oily. I spent a few months convincing myself that it was just a phase, and my skin would go back to normal. Months had passed and my oily skin was getting worse, little pimples and whiteheads started to appear. Seeing as things were not improving in the least, I started stressing out. Just like every twenty-something year old, I started looking for the cause and solution of my face freak out.

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While we access all the information from the internet and social media and find ways to believe in everything available, we almost forget how the same information can misguide us. A self-proclaimed makeup artist might have told you to use concealer or BB cream before applying foundation, but have you ever had a second thought about that? Sometimes what may work for one person might not be the ideal routine for the other. We are all unique in our body chemistry, skin types, color tones. It is time for you to pay more attention these “heard beliefs” 😉

Here are some of the makeup myths that we have fallen victims to, let’s have a look at a self-proclaimed makeup artist’s advice and see if it works or not.


It certainly is a not s great idea to use concealer before applying foundation. You need to apply your foundation first to even out your skin tone and if it did not cover out minor imperfections on your face, then use a concealer after foundation, that will cover all of it and you are good to go. If you do not want your face to look patchy and rough throughout the day, always consider applying concealer after foundation.

If you are worried about dark circles or dull skin showing through, consider using a color corrector before a foundation.



You can find a decent and a bad product anywhere in any drugstore in all price ranges. It is not necessary that an expensive product will give you accurate results and not an affordable priced product. Surprisingly, providers of Sephora products in Pakistan allows and gives its customer an opportunity to test samples before making purchase and if you are able to avail this opportunity, do not have a second thought about the price tag.

Test the products and if they fit your viewpoint, buy them. No matter how inexpensive or expensive.



I preferably think using a waterproof mascara on a daily basis is damaging to your eyelashes since it lasts longer and is not easy to get off, it also feels heavy. Its formula is entirely different than that of a regular mascara and is not supposed to be used on a day to day occasion. When you want to properly remove it off your eyes, it will get hard and you can pull off your lashes in the process as well. Sleeping with your waterproof mascara on can make your lashes stiff and it causes infections. Speaking of some drugstores that offer the best beautifying regular mascara’s for your convenience, Clinique products in Pakistan stands out among a few other brands and its High Impact mascara beats the maximum sales which shows how much attention and interest ladies pay on this product.

It gives a really over-whelming result and is perfect to keep your eyes safe and your lashes to look extraordinarily beautiful.


You might think using a concealer before a foundation will give you an even skin-tone, but it will make your skin patchy or only a waterproof mascara can last longer. Busting these makeup myths will solve half of your problems and will save you from drastic end-results. You definitely need to take good care of your skin, face and other feature to keep a lit look alive and for that, you obviously need to follow the right advices, products and be sure of how to make use of them and that will get you to places.





5 basic carefree and nourishing make up secrets! Beauty hacks to follow in winters – which is indeed one of the most exciting season of the year, but, it also requires a lot of hard work for our skin to stay flawless. Your face can get dull, lips get chapped and your skin dries out. Your staple items that work well in summers seem to not work anymore on your skin. Winter is a beauty challenge and it might seem hard to get back to your normal moisturized skin, but with these tips and tricks, you can sure get rid of your dehydrated and rough skin in a go.

The natural rule to getting rid of a dry skin is consuming excessive amount of water, drink at least 8 glasses per day. If your skin peels off due to dryness, then you need to avoid using skincare products that have alcohol. Consume fruits like oranges and melons. Do not spend too long in the shower since it takes away your body oil.

When the weather turns cold, change your beauty routine and cleanse your skin with a milky, smooth and creamy cleanser. Consider washing your face with a soap or cleanser once in a day only,  if you have a dry skin. Cleanse your skin by scrubbing gently on your face and clean it off using a cotton bud.

Moisturize your face right after washing it off, it seals in the moisture when your skin is still damp from washing, it will do magic on rough skin. Use a proper moisturizer and use it at the right time. Use a moisturizer at night – for hands and feet, wear gloves and socks to seal the moisturizer in until morning.

Your skin can wear out after a hot summer. Do not forget to work on the dead skin cells in winters. Throughout summers, our skin sunburns and UV rays distress our smooth skin, to work out the dryness of the skin due to excessive sun burn, use an exfoliate and be sure of the product that you are intending to use. You can also use a scrub two times maximum in a week to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Excessive use of a scrub will dry out your skin further. Make sure to choose a gentle exfoliating scrub.

During the winter season, lips get chapped and that is unattractive. The easiest way to get rid of chapped lips is to make your home remedies useful. You can use multiple methods of home remedies, Sugar, Honey, Coconut oil, Castor Oil and Rose Petals. Speaking of which, the rose plant in your backyard is quite handy and useful to moisturize your chapped lips. Soak a handful of roses in milk for a little while, make a paste of the soaked petals by mashing them and then apply the paste on your lips. This remedy will leave your lips moisturized and will enhance your lip color.

Overall, winter can get a little annoying and will require extra care for your skin, but the above tips and tricks are just as easy as they are explained and they only need 10 to 15 minutes for a ready to go nourished look. Home remedies are a way to go, make use of that natural product placed in your kitchen shelf or your nearest store.