Glamofy yourself – I am the kind of person who is very particular when it comes to applying foundation. You’ve got to select the right tone, the right texture,  (something that doesn’t makes your face look too oily, or too un-natural); I’m sure most of you girls out there understand the pain of selecting a foundation, it can get wayyy too tricky.

It’s not always easy to apply foundation every time you leave the house neither safe to the skin but with Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge pigment drops I can literally leave the house looking flawless every time. With an array of 12 different shades, you can never get wrong in selecting the one that compliments your skin tone.


The Hard Candy pigment drops actually help you in creating a customized foundation for yourself. These drops come in a small 0.5 oz dropper bottle but as the formula is a thin consistency and are highly pigmented, they’re not required much. And the best part is that you can keep on adding these drops to your moisturizer/primer or foundation until you’re satisfied with the kind of coverage you want to achieve, whether it’s a natural finish or a heavier base.

The Hard Candy Glamoflauge mix-in pigment drops are exclusively available on www.just4girls.pk. Add these to your make-up kit and I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “BERLIN” – Review | Just4Girls.pk

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in “BERLIN” – Review

Matte lipstick has made a huge comeback this past year, and is going to continue to reign in 2017. Every makeup brand from Wet n’ Wild to Dior has jumped on the opportunity to create the perfect matte lip. Even though I love the above mentioned makeup brands there has been one clear standout matte lipstick for me – NYX. Not only did they crush the competition with the formula of their matte lipstick but also created the most diverse range of colors.

NYX Berlin Just4Girls.pk

With the winter months still brewing around for a while, I am continuously inspired by the dark rich colors that are associated with it. All I have been wearing for the holiday season are shades like: deep burgundies, burnt oranges, and rich umbers.

In particular a shade of umber that is my absolute favorite is Berlin, a soft matte cream by NYX. This deep warm hue accents not only my eyes but also the sun kissed parts of my hair. The best part of this matte lipstick is that it transitions perfectly from day to night. The lightweight formula does not smudge and stays on for hours! I really have to commend NYX for enabling me to create the flawless matte lips.

NYX Berlin J4G

Don’t miss out on your chance of wearing Berlin this winter and being a sure standout! Available now in Pakistan exclusively on Just4Girls.pk.


3 Great Makeup Products for a Lasting Impression

3 Great Makeup Products for a Lasting Impression

The dream of any modern girl is to do a best makeup and to use those products which leave the long lasting impact on them. The products which highlight their personalities till the end of the day and give them their desired glow. Different brands have different products related to different sides which give the lasting and desired glow to girls whose favorite activity is to do a makeup.

There are the reviews on three great makeup products of different brands which you should carry in your bag, which give you the look according to you desire and leave a long-lasting impact on you.

Oriflame’s Everlasting Foundation: when it comes to create a flawless and fresh look for a long time, this foundation should be your first priority. Unlike others this light-weight foundation gives you long lasting flawless wear with a perfect comfort fit. It enlightens your personality and leaves the long lasting impression of yours. It equally works well with both types dry and oily skin. Buy it here!

MUA’s Eyeshadow Palette: MUA, the affordable brand with long lasting products truly stands out in their eyeshadow palette of sizzling nude shades, a great mixture of cool and warm tones which gives you the everyday look for a long time. Buy It Here!

NYX Super Skinny Marker: Beauty enthusiast’s favorite brand NYX comes out with super skinny liquid eyeliner at the best price. It has remarkable staying power and is very easy to apply. The color they offer is rich black which give the attractive look of eyes. It would be great to carry all the time with you as it highlights your personality perfectly. Buy It Here!

These three makeup products of these three brands can create a best and desired look of yours for a whole day long. Leave your impression long lasting and truly stands you out in majority.  Go through all these products at Just4Girls.pk exclusively.








nyx conceal correct contour 1 just4girls.pk

To conceal, correct and contour, use the NYX color-match correcting palette for a glamorous look. With its 6 flattering shades in the palette, you can cover up imperfections, redness and even out your complexion in a go that will bring out the best of your features.

For an ideal tone, use the shades either separately or combine them together. The product comes in three shades for light, medium and dark skin tones.
Only a few people are blessed with clear and light skin tone. For the rest of us, it is an everyday struggle to have a flawless and smooth skin by using just two or three products, or a foundation and concealer for a completely even. flawless finish. Although using a foundation can provide even coverage to our skin, the imperfections, dark circles and dull skin may need more work to be covered completely.

This product offered by NYX is handy to cancel out the dark spots and even out our skin tone, as well as contour and finish with chiseled features! For a little while, NYX has been my favorite drugstore brand to use, and it is quite inexpensive to experience as well. I have been very excited to use the 6-shade palette.
The packaging of a product is vital to me regardless of its price. I love how the palette comes with a strong packaging and is not likely to break. It is well-made, shuts quickly and is very travel-friendly because of its little plastic container. NYX sure has done an excellent job with the product’s packaging.
The bottom shades in the palette are definitely for correcting because the bottom left shade has a green undertone and the bottom right is a little peachy. The middle rows right side shade in the palette is a dark color, so I believe it is for contouring. The rest three shades looked quite similar when I swatched them on my skin.

nyx conceal correct contour 2 just4girls.pk

The consistency of this product’s shades is very thick. One can use her fingers to apply this shade since they feel waxy. Hence, a little extra effort is required to smoothe it out. You can also use a Beauty Blender for blending out these shades but refrain from using a Foundation Brush.
The shade that is used for contouring is a little light if you have a tan skin tone, I would recommend you to overuse it for a perfect blend out and even-out jawline. The peachy shade in the palette works best for covering up your eye bags; I have had an amazing experience with the peach shade because it gives a smooth coverage under my eyes and it is yet the best way to hide your sleepiness. The green shade works best for covering the red areas or if you have acne on your face.
The shades arrangement in the palette is quite eye-catching. I use the contour shade to contour my nose and cheekbones while the concealing shade gives a smooth texture. Overall, this 6-shade palette has done its magic on me, and it had lasted all day. It wore very well without fading and lifting. It didn’t crease at all or turned into fine lines so, for beginners, it is the best kit for concealing and contouring. I am excited to try out the rest two shades that it comes with.

3 Makeup Brands To Watch Out In Coming Months

3 Makeup Brands To Watch Out In Coming Months

There is no cosmetics brand that is just a transient trend — it’s one of the greatest beauty staples, and it’s not going anyplace soon. In this way, obviously, there’s an immense interest for beauty care products that make your skin look easily flawless. However, the results aren’t generally simple to achieve. A healthy skin has a critical part in pulling off the “natural” look, however, it’s something many individuals disregard or don’t have time for. Rather, we depend on cosmetics to disguise blemishes, and natural beauty goes out the window for caked-on foundations.
Fortunately, a ton of brands combines healthy skin and cosmetics. It’s a wonder all cosmetics isn’t implanted with healthy skin benefits.
So, here are the brands that are in front of the pack — and which product you should be buying from each available at Just4girls.pk easily.

Clinique header
Clinique presents some of the best delicate healthy skin choices out there, their makeup range guarantees long-term benefits.
Try: This Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip is stacked with amazing properties of mango and shea butter. Exactly what dry, sensitive lips need to feel serenely delicate and smooth. Sixteen natural-looking lip tints, each with a subtle sheen.

ELF Header
E.L.F is one of those brands whose natural products are free of all the awful chemicals, pressed with antioxidants and utilize plant pigment dyes, so you can like what you’re putting on your skin.
Try: This E.L.F Foundation Serum SPF 25 has natural grapeseed, aloe, goji berry and vitamin E to renew skin while giving full coverage.

NYX Header
NYX makeup brand was established on the ethos that your healthy skin ought to be natural and stuffed with antioxidants, the majority of which originate from natural grapes and an assortment of oils, extracts, and butter.
Try: Since NYX introduced NYX BB Cream, we’ve been snared. It goes on smooth and hydrates while conferring light coverage. And the  is amazing, as well.