Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – REVIEW

If you are anything like me, then you would understand my obsession with a symmetrical and precise killer cat eye.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that I won’t/don’t leave the house unless and until my eyeliner looks perfect—and when I say perfect I’m talking golden ratio perfect. I’ll spend hours in the mirror to get my eyeliner looking just right. So when it comes to eyeliner, I will not settle for anything less than the best.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner 2
On to the million-dollar question then: What is the best eyeliner? I’d have to say, without a doubt, it goes to Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner. The brush-tip liquid liner is an actual precision tool, which makes drawing on even cat eyes easier than ever before. I no longer slave for hours to have perfect wings. Now, in a matter of seconds, I can get my eyeliner done—and symmetric at that.

In addition to the precision, the color is so rich and highly pigmented. So not only do you have perfect tips and supple color, the liner is also long-lasting (24 hour wear formula), waterproof, and transfer-resistant. So literally, you can keep your eyeliner on for days and it’ll still look brand new. It’s like the magic wand of makeup!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

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While we access all the information from the internet and social media and find ways to believe in everything available, we almost forget how the same information can misguide us. A self-proclaimed makeup artist might have told you to use concealer or BB cream before applying foundation, but have you ever had a second thought about that? Sometimes what may work for one person might not be the ideal routine for the other. We are all unique in our body chemistry, skin types, color tones. It is time for you to pay more attention these “heard beliefs” 😉

Here are some of the makeup myths that we have fallen victims to, let’s have a look at a self-proclaimed makeup artist’s advice and see if it works or not.


It certainly is a not s great idea to use concealer before applying foundation. You need to apply your foundation first to even out your skin tone and if it did not cover out minor imperfections on your face, then use a concealer after foundation, that will cover all of it and you are good to go. If you do not want your face to look patchy and rough throughout the day, always consider applying concealer after foundation.

If you are worried about dark circles or dull skin showing through, consider using a color corrector before a foundation.



You can find a decent and a bad product anywhere in any drugstore in all price ranges. It is not necessary that an expensive product will give you accurate results and not an affordable priced product. Surprisingly, providers of Sephora products in Pakistan allows and gives its customer an opportunity to test samples before making purchase and if you are able to avail this opportunity, do not have a second thought about the price tag.

Test the products and if they fit your viewpoint, buy them. No matter how inexpensive or expensive.



I preferably think using a waterproof mascara on a daily basis is damaging to your eyelashes since it lasts longer and is not easy to get off, it also feels heavy. Its formula is entirely different than that of a regular mascara and is not supposed to be used on a day to day occasion. When you want to properly remove it off your eyes, it will get hard and you can pull off your lashes in the process as well. Sleeping with your waterproof mascara on can make your lashes stiff and it causes infections. Speaking of some drugstores that offer the best beautifying regular mascara’s for your convenience, Clinique products in Pakistan stands out among a few other brands and its High Impact mascara beats the maximum sales which shows how much attention and interest ladies pay on this product.

It gives a really over-whelming result and is perfect to keep your eyes safe and your lashes to look extraordinarily beautiful.


You might think using a concealer before a foundation will give you an even skin-tone, but it will make your skin patchy or only a waterproof mascara can last longer. Busting these makeup myths will solve half of your problems and will save you from drastic end-results. You definitely need to take good care of your skin, face and other feature to keep a lit look alive and for that, you obviously need to follow the right advices, products and be sure of how to make use of them and that will get you to places.



3 Great Makeup Products for a Lasting Impression

3 Great Makeup Products for a Lasting Impression

The dream of any modern girl is to do a best makeup and to use those products which leave the long lasting impact on them. The products which highlight their personalities till the end of the day and give them their desired glow. Different brands have different products related to different sides which give the lasting and desired glow to girls whose favorite activity is to do a makeup.

There are the reviews on three great makeup products of different brands which you should carry in your bag, which give you the look according to you desire and leave a long-lasting impact on you.

Oriflame’s Everlasting Foundation: when it comes to create a flawless and fresh look for a long time, this foundation should be your first priority. Unlike others this light-weight foundation gives you long lasting flawless wear with a perfect comfort fit. It enlightens your personality and leaves the long lasting impression of yours. It equally works well with both types dry and oily skin. Buy it here!

MUA’s Eyeshadow Palette: MUA, the affordable brand with long lasting products truly stands out in their eyeshadow palette of sizzling nude shades, a great mixture of cool and warm tones which gives you the everyday look for a long time. Buy It Here!

NYX Super Skinny Marker: Beauty enthusiast’s favorite brand NYX comes out with super skinny liquid eyeliner at the best price. It has remarkable staying power and is very easy to apply. The color they offer is rich black which give the attractive look of eyes. It would be great to carry all the time with you as it highlights your personality perfectly. Buy It Here!

These three makeup products of these three brands can create a best and desired look of yours for a whole day long. Leave your impression long lasting and truly stands you out in majority.  Go through all these products at Just4Girls.pk exclusively.






Oriflame The ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover Review

Oriflame The ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover Review

It’s that time, we wear all splendid colored nail polish. Maroon and pinks being the most loved one. Utilization of cheap nail polish removers regularly makes the nails dry and whitish. Though most nail polish removers contain acetone, this Oriflame The ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover is an Acetone free nail polish remover that contains the richness of Vitamin E. Oriflame products are certainly the best when it comes to nails and you can without much of a stretch get them on Just4Girls.

Oriflame The One nail polish review - just4girls.pk
So, let’s take a look at the Oriflame The ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover to discover more about the product.
Price: RS 349.00/ – for 50 ml
How to use: Apply the fluid on a cotton pad and swipe over the nail polish.
This Oriflame ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover is purple in color and does not have a strong scent. Just a few swipes are required to clean the nail polish.
After using this nail polish remover, my nails didn’t feel dry or leave a white cast like other nail removers. My nails, for the most part, feel dry yet it didn’t happen with this nail polish remover. It really supported my nails.

Oriflame ONE Instant Nail Polish Remover is really acetone free. Acetone is normally used as a part of cheap quality and variant of nail polish removers, however, they are bad for nails over the long haul. I remember that I use to spend Rs.50 per bottles when I was teenager. They had no benefit and only harmed my nails, making them weaker, yellow tinged. But because of Oriflame and Just4girls,pk I am currently careful and sufficiently critical when I have to choose the correct products for my face and body.

4 Awesome Nail Care Tips You Need To Know

4 Awesome Nail Care Tips You Need To Know

nail care

You don’t need to visit the salon all the time just to have wonderful nails. The mix of a very much balanced diet, a keen beauty regimen, and proper personal hygiene can give you salon-like nails at a small amount of the cost and chemical load.
1. Use creams and moisturizers
When rubbing salve or oil into your hands, ensure you work it into the nails and cuticles, as well. Regularly wash your hands or using hand sanitizer can dry out the skin and nail bed rapidly, so make sure to moisturize after each wash. Coconut oil is superb for rubbing into your cuticles and nails.
2. Cuticles care
Abstain from having your cuticles trimmed during a manicure. Cuticles are definite barrier for bacteria, and cutting them can prompt to painful nail infections. However, you can moisten them and push them back with a cuticle pusher, and trim away just dead parts of skin.
If you are planning to have a manicure, then you must prepare your cuticles by gently rubbing with olive oil or almond oil, to decrease the amount of chemicals that absorb from the polish.
3. Abstain from utilizing harsh nail polish

generic nail polish
Nail polish commonly contains poisonous chemicals, like, toluene, dimethyl and diethyl phthalates. Luckily nowadays many cosmetic manufacturers (such as Oriflame) make polishes that don’t contain these chemicals; however ensure you read the product label carefully before buying. You can likewise purchase water-based polishes, which are the most secure alternative out there.
There are companies now making less dangerous polishes and removers. Some of them include;
E.O.S and many more.
(All products from these brands are available at Just4girls)
4. Maintain your diet
Your diet is critical to keeping up healthy nails. Protein is significant. Eating foods with vitamin B diminishes weakness; iron keeps edges from shaping; zinc disposes of white spots; calcium keeps them solid; vitamins A and C stops dullness and drying. Drink a lot of water to remain hydrated!