Affordable Summer Hair Accessories in Pakistan

Hairstyles and hair accessories patterns change with the changing of the season. This 2017, the pattern is about reusing and re purposing. While a few people can purchase new hair accessories, the majority of us can’t manage, not at any rate the ones highlighted in the Fashion Week. Through smart buying and do it without anyone else’s help advancement, we can take after the patters without wanting to spend more. is filled with innovative hair accessories from variety of brands from all over the world like, Framesi, L’Oreal and Sephora. Continue reading “Affordable Summer Hair Accessories in Pakistan”

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The New URBAN DECAY Naked is all about Contouring

Urban Decay is Coming Out with a New Contour Kit, and it’s Awesome!

Urban Decay is the QUEEN of all neutral palettes with their NAKED line, and offers some of the best items in market when it comes to eyeshadows, bronzers and blushers. Recently the have announced they will be dropping an all in one contour-correcting kit… and we can NOT wait!

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Even Skin Tone with Pharmaceris!

I spend quite a lot time outdoors as my work and leisure requires me to do so, and being out in the hot sun doesn’t do my skin any good. I started noticing discoloration on my face and skin as well as bit of reddishness on my arms. After some searching on the web, I came across Pharmaceris Intensive Whitening Night Cream on

As it is night cream, I used to apply it on face and skin before going to bed. After using it for a month, I started seeing black patches diminish as well as the red spots which were on my arms fade away. Following the instructions, I started avoiding direct sunlight when using the item which helped the healing process. This cream acts as a sun filter as well which really helped my case.

I would recommend this night cream to everyone especially those who are out in the hot and dusty environment, where the chances of skin being damaged are quite high. People mostly use day creams but using night creams is essential since the healing properties of your body and skin are at its highest when you sleep at night. As this cream contains Vitamin E, I felt my skin being a lot smoother then before and feeling rejuvenated.

I suggest checking this product out at and give it a try yourself!

Maha Khan
Traveller. Booklover, foodie at heart. Enjoys all things art, style and makeup!

theBalm Cosmetics – Your New Favorites!


A lot of makeup companies have launched in the past decade, some of them are great and some not so much. One company that is changing the ‘5 minute’ beauty game but not getting the credit it deserves is, theBalm cosmetics. Launched a little over ten years ago, Marissa Shipman created the whole line of makeup at home from books she ordered on Amazon. Her main frustration was that no beauty line had simple multi-use products available therefore she had to take matters into her own hands. And aren’t we glad she did! The entire range is amazing.

Let’s jump right into a few of the coolest products that are currently available: theBalm Voyage Vol.2 – Face Palette. WOW – seriously hands down, your whole beauty routine in one portable palette. The eye shadow colors are nudes and neutrals – versatile enough to be used for any event. The highlighter and bronzer are flattering on all skin tones. Finally, the cheek and lip stains are gorgeous everyday colors that can be worn individually or blended together.


My other favorite product that is the whole Meet Matt(e) Hughes – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick collection. There are eighteen colors offered, and they are seriously flattering on everyone. If you feel a bit daring make sure you try out Adoring, a bold burnt umber/reddish hue.


Let’s not forget the Nude’tude and Nude’dude eye shadow palette (adorable cheeky names, anyone?). Both palettes are made from dreams, as the colors are very rich and vibrate. Trust me these ultra-pigmented colors do not disappoint.


All the products have adorable packaging and hilariously witty names. When all is said and done these cosmetics have great quality, cute packaging and are highly versatile, so what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some theBalm Cosmetics, your face will feel and see what it has been missing.

A range of theBalm Cosmetics is available exclusively on in Pakistan.


Maha Khan
Traveller. Booklover, foodie at heart. Enjoys all things art, style and makeup!

Stillman’s Facewash – Fighting Perceptions: Importance of a Face Wash

Fighting Perceptions: The Importance of a Face Wash

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The burgeoning skincare and beauty industry in Pakistan continues to grow exponentially. A recent study revealed that the domestic market for skin care products is over Rs. 15 billion and is expanding at an average rate of 15 per cent per annum. Furthermore, demand is expected to grow in the coming years – according to a study conducted by Euromonitor skin care is expected to register a retail value of 7 percent between 2015 and 2020. This is a significant chunk of the market so it’s hardly surprising to note that several international players are showing a keen interest in the Pakistani market by making sizeable investments. Concerted efforts are being made to generate brand awareness among consumers by encouraging them to shift to mainstream, branded skin care products instead of the more traditional alternatives. The latter, while effective, do not show results immediately and given today’s high-strung and fast-paced lifestyle, consumers want products that prove effective in a few uses. To this end, most Pakistani consumers today feel that facewash is a better alternative to using soap on their face. It’s not as harsh, doesn’t strip the skin off its natural oils and keeps breakouts at bay.

While several skin care brands have already made their foray into the local market, new entrants are also making their mark. This includes the Pakistani brand Stillman’s that has introduced the safe to use dirt-fighting daily face wash along with the safe to use fairness face wash that gives a fairer complexion. Both variants are the complete package – they unclog pores, help cleanse the skin and control the excessive production of oil that helps prevent acne and pimple outbreaks. Stillman’s face wash is gentle on the skin, thinner and delicate. With its unique mineral salts and herbal extracts formulation, Stillman’s daily face wash provides gentle but effective cleansing while ensuring it remains hydrated at the same time. Similarly, the fairness face wash contains a mild oil-free formula and a whitening agent complex that is also gentle, providing moisturised skin and a brighter, clearer complexion.


Given the environmental stressors that we have to contend with including the sun’s harsh rays, smog, dust and other such pollutants, finding the right product that protects the skin from such irritants can be challenging. Even more difficult is a product that takes into account the South Asian skin’s requirements and the vagaries of weather and environment in the region. It makes sense then to use Stillman’s daily face wash that is attuned to the nuances of the Pakistani consumer.

The fairness face wash, on the other hand, delivers on its promise of brighter and fairer looking skin, much like what other cosmetic measures – such as a good foundation or blush – can do for women. The daily battle against dust and grime is particularly tough on the face as it can cause a dull complexion and tired-looking skin. Both men and women today find that their skin is adversely affected by such pollutants. Stillman’s fairness face wash can, thus, prevent the skin from losing its lustre and brightens the complexion within a few uses. It can give that much-needed self-confidence that comes from looking and feeling good – self-confidence that can help deal with the stresses of the daily life. It takes care of pigmentation irregularities often caused by breakouts, soothing previously irritated skin. In fact, research shows that whitening facial washes are more effective when it comes to scarring and pigmentation than other over-the-counter products and Stillman’s fairness face wash can help deal with the skin issues in the comfort of one’s home.

Stillman’s face washes are a welcome addition to the category. They effectively cleanse the skin and make it appear clearer, brighter and more youthful. Stillman’s face washes are safe to use, convenient and effective in maintaining one’s skin and deal with irksome breakouts and other such problems.


Maha Khan
Traveller. Booklover, foodie at heart. Enjoys all things art, style and makeup!