5 Essential eye makeup brushes everyone should have in their makeup bag

I love eyeshadow looks! The best way to re-create your favorite Insta-look or Youtube tutorial is to first make sure you have these essential eyeshadow brushes in your kit!

Have you felt intimidated by all of the different cosmetics brushes on the market, or even in your own kit at home? Not sure how to use these brushes, or even what they’re for? No worries; this is a handy primer which will give you a rundown of the five eye makeup brushes you should have in your kit at all times and how to use them.

Eyeshadow Shader Brush

This is usually what some people refer to as a “flat” or “dense” eyeshadow brush. This is used to pack on the color in an even, opaque layer. Since these are rounded at the tip, flat and dense this brush can pick up a lot of cream, powder or pigment to give you a super color boost. This Makeup Revolution Precision Oval Eye brush would be a great tool (especially for beginners). Another good choice is this MUA Eyeshadow Brush.

Eyeshadow Blender Brush

Otherwise known as the “fluffy brush,” this is the tool to help you achieve the natural looking or smokey eyeshadow technique. I love my fluffy brush and use it every day. It helps give me a more diffused look with my shadows. You want to use the brush in a back and forth motion in the crease and swirl it around the edge of your eyes. This will help blend shades into each other and give you a gradient effect. Makeup Revolution has a great blending brush which gives you quality at an affordable price.

Eyeliner Brush

I have several of these which I use for gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner and even powder shadow I use as a liner. The benefit to having one of these brushes is the longer handle and precision tip, which gives you more control over your lines and cat-eyes. DMGM has a really great one with a fine tip. If you’re new, work from the outside to the inside, creating a very thin line at first. Then you can build toward the outer edges.

Tapered Eyebrow Brush

This is the brush you want if you’re filling in your brows with powder, pomeade or gel. The tapered edge helps you get a really clean line to create mega-defined brows. The angled shape also helps you draw individual brow hairs. MUA’s Angled Eye Brow Brush is one of my favorites.

Eyebrow Spoolie Brush

You know that little corkscrew brush which comes with brow products? That’s a spoolie, and you can use this to blend in your brow powder or pomeade, comb you brows or declumping. What I like to do is line my brows and fill with color, then I brush the spoolie back and forth gently to blend in the color. It gives me a more natural brow look. This MUA Eyelash brush can double for your lashes and brows. I have two of them in my collection, so it’s worth it to have a couple of these.

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Skincare is a girl’s best friend!

Kat Dickerson

Skincare is a girl’s best friend!

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