5 Reasons To Always Wear Sunscreen

Summer is inching its way back into our lives, and I am so here for the sunshine and barbeques. With the summer sun also comes the notorious UVA and UVB rays, which cause mega harm in various ways. You need sunscreen with a high SPF factor that combats these bad boys. Whether you going to your neighborhood pool, walking nature trails, or hitting up the beach with your BFFs, the first thing you need to stick in your bag is a bottle of sun cream. I’ve learned so much about skincare as a beauty blogger, and the one thing I will tell everyone and never compromise on is the importance of sun protection. Sun protection comes in many forms, but the focal point of this article is going to sunscreen and all its benefits.

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I have so many friends that skimp on sunscreen saying that, they were barely in the sun, or they already have a base tan and don’t need to apply it anymore. Legit my eyes pop out when I hear this nonsense. No matter if it is summer, spring, fall or winter you NEED TO WEAR SUNSCREEN. Sorry for the caps, but I am really trying to make my point clear here. Below are five out of hundreds of reasons of why you should lather this goodness on:

  1. Skin cancer does not discriminate! If you have pale skin, tan skin or dark skin it is necessary to shield it. It has been proven if you apply sun cream all over your face and body it decreases the chances of developing skin cancer.

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  1. The ozone layer is diminishing. Why does this matter to you? The ozone layer is set in the earth’s stratosphere; this layer is a natural combatant of harmful UVA and UVB rays. The ozone absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation before it hits the earth. Wakeup call – it’s depleting.

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  1. It helps prevent skin discoloration. Don’t want blotchy patches all over your body, then lather up boo boo.

  1. It thwarts wrinkles, and age spots. No more to crow’s feet and hydrated fresh skin.

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  1. It battles burns! Sunburns are no fun, and can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. Unless you are a masochist, you can easily avoid peeling, swelling, blisters, itching, hives etc…by slathering on a hearty amount of SPF if you are in the sun for an extended amount of time.

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How to choose sunscreen? 

It’s okay to have a refresher on this once in awhile. When picking up sunscreen make sure the following ingredients are in it:

  • Titanium dioxide
  • Octyl methoxycinnimate (OMC)
  • Avobenzone (also parsol)
  • Zinc oxide

Always get a sunscreen that is waterproof and no lower than 30 SPF. SPF stands for: sun protection factor, which is a measure of how long sun cream can protect you from UVB rays. UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn that damage the upper layer of skin (epidermis).

Below the top rated sunscreens in Pakistan:

Avene Cream 50+ VHP (PKR 2,250)

Janssen Cosmetics J-sun Shield SPF 25 Waterproof (3,350)

L’Oreal UV Perfect Sunblock SPF 50 (PKR 1,799)

 Pharmaceris Sun Protect SPF 30 Face Cream (PKR 1,349)

Yong Chin Sun Screen Cream UV90+ (PKR 219)

Sadaf Malik
Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3
Sadaf Malik

Sadaf Malik

Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3

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