6 Tips You Need to Know Before Trying an Epilator

Hair removal is annoying; let’s just get that statement out of the way. Whether you wax, shave, Nair, use a lemon and sugar mixture, it is all time consuming and more or less a little painful (well maybe not shaving, unless you cut yourself, then it is painful…I digress). Now enter the epilator. No, this is not a new system of hair removal by any means, but it seems to be cropping up more recently and frequently in the beauty world. Epilators have been around since the mid-80’s, and now with all the modern technology they have never been easier to use. So what is an epilator? Refinery29 states in laymen’s terms, “A modern epilator is basically a series of tweezer heads on a spinning wheel. You turn on the device and roll it up and down your skin, letting the tweezers grasp and yank out hair from the root.” Yes, this sounds excruciating and truthfully it is mildly painful. Having said that I still wanted to try this method out, because shaving everyday has become a hassle and I just don’t have the time. So if a contraption like epilator can save me time and keep my legs and armpits hairless for longer, I am going to give it a shot. Most my friends have already jumped on the bandwagon and swear this method is the best. Having spoken to them and doing some online research, I have five tips that will help the process out before, during and after you epilate.

Choose your epilator – There are some great ones available on Just4Girls.pk:

Braun Epilator Electric Hair Removal – PKR 8,999 or Braun Silk Epil 1 For Legs & Body Epilator – PKR 4,480

Make sure you exfoliate the area of skin you are about to epilate. Scrubbing away dead skin and debris helps clean out your pores and makes it easier for the epilator to do its job. I recommend L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Red Algae Exfoliating Face Wash – Red – 150ml – PRK 549, yes, I know it says face wash but this product is perfect to exfoliate anywhere on your body.

Always shave the area before you epilate. Making sure the hair is about all the same length helps the device to pull from the root versus, just breaking it. Try, any Venus razor, they are inexpensive and get the job done.

For less pain and more gain, make sure you tighten the skin and keep it stretched. This way the tweezers within the epilator grab each hair and create less discomfort.

Make sure you go against the grain, this will help with the smoothness, and it’s the same concept as shaving against the grain for a smoother feel.

Lastly, don’t forget to moisturize! This will help your hair follicles relax and give them nourishment. I suggest using a coconut infused moisturizer, Andalou Naturals Coconut Water Visibly Firm Day Cream – PKR 2,260.

Some other things to keep in mind when trying to figure out if epilating is for you; do you want you to do it while your skin is dry or wet? Either way you chose have their benefits. Also think about all the money you shave by not buying razors and shaving cream. Is epilating worth it? In my opinion, yes, it is. Try it out for yourself.



Sadaf Malik
Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3
Sadaf Malik

Sadaf Malik

Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3

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