Best Highlighting Powders That Will Extend Your Summer Glow This Fall

Summer has faded, but that does not at all mean that your glow has to. Maintaining skin that looks lit from within year round has become an easy feat thanks to the humble highlighter–which has climbed its way up the priority list, now sitting proudly among the golden oldies but goodies like foundation and mascara as a must-have makeup product. Moreover, with body highlighters on the rise, it is clear that the blinding trend is spreading everywhere FAST! You see ladies, highlighters work by using highly reflective pigments to enhance the light around you and light-colored pigments to give the appearance of being well-lit, even when the sun isn’t around as much.

So, whether you want to strobe, shine, contour, glow, or simply radiate from the inside out, there is a powdered highlighter that will do the job. Yes, we know: highlighters come in many different forms. We are, however, specifically focusing on the simple dusting of powdered highlighters this fall season. Why? Because powder highlighters are arguably the most potent formulation of the different forms that highlighters come in. They have strong concentrations of shimmer and blend into foundation seamlessly, creating “skin lights” that mimic how fresh, healthy, and plump the skin would naturally look when the sunlight bounces off it. So, if you are looking to avoid a dull complexion at all costs this fall, then introduce a powdered highlighter in your makeup routine. Below are the best highlighting powders available at J4G that will extend, enhance, and awaken your glowy summer complexion this fall:

  1. The Bobbi Brown Highlighting Powder is a high-impact, light-reflective product that gives the skin shimmering, rosy highlights. It is formulated with a clear base and highly-reflective pearl pigments that create a flattering glow. Plus, the superfine, silky formula goes on smoothly and evenly and doesn’t settle into fine lines. Yes, I really meant plus when I said it. 😉
  2. The super affordable Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder provides some serious shimmer for the price. Available in a gorgeous range of metallic shades, this is the perfect highlighter to pop onto the cheekbones, brow bones and Cupid’s bow–especially if you are saving for the holidays and on a budget.
  3. Is it even possible to come across a Fenty Beauty product that isn’t universally loved? Probably not. Anyway, RiRi’s beauty brand has really killed it with the Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters. Every single shade is brilliant, buildable, long-wearing, shiny, blingy, and unashamedly GLOWY! We’re talking light-catching, eye-catching, mega stuff.
  4. The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish is the mothership when it comes to getting an ethereal sheen. All you ladies have to do is dust this powder on top of foundation for a velvety soft, radiant finish. Available in a range of shades to suit all skin tones, the super bold, pigmented powder lights up every angle of the face. That is right, time for your glow up!
  5. The MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder instantly radiates and lifts any complexion. It can be applied all over for an added radiance or applied to the cheekbones and under the brow bone to lift and accentuate your natural features. The shade range offers a warming gleam with a blend of gold, amber, and pink. Ultimately, the highlighting powder perfects any look by creating a natural, healthy glow that is suitable for all skin tones.

In the end ladies, if your cheekbones can never be sparkly enough and your cupid’s bow never illuminated enough, powdered highlighter is just thing for you. In fact, far from being a glitzy add on, powdered highlighter can form a staple step of even the speediest makeup routines, as its immediate payoff is somehow subtle yet impactful. It adds instant radiance and gives skin that coveted healthy glow that begins to diminish with less sun exposure in the fall. All of the best highlighting powders mentioned above are available on, so you ladies can maintain that lit look this fall. The ultimate goal is to stay lit–always, am I right ladies?! 😉

Alizeh Siddiqui
I’m a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer–and to live your best life while doing it!
Alizeh Siddiqui

Alizeh Siddiqui

I'm a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer--and to live your best life while doing it!

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