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Trusted drugstore brands have always been there for lip balm and an extra eyeliner to keep on hand, but it used to be that if you wanted serious color payoff and skin care that made a difference, you’d have to go as far as hoarding gift cards to get luxe products at high end beauty boutiques. In course of the last 10 years or so, however, the drugstore has reinvented itself into the beauty place to be–and this is not just when TSA confiscates your makeup for being .01 mL over and you are forced to do a speedy makeup sweep. Quality brands and products are springing up and coming to release across the board–seriously, every brand is launching top-notch products. Physicians Formula, especially, boasts an impressive line of cosmetics products, making a name for itself as one of the best in the drugstore makeup business.

The company was founded in 1937 by Dr. Frank Crandall, who came up with products and formulas of his very own. He intended for his products to mimic the effects of commercial drugstore makeup, without containing the various irritants, chemicals, and problematic elements. This is why the brand has become THE brand for women with sensitive skin. In actuality, though, this brand is not only for those whose skin is irritated easily. It is also just as useful for those who care about the kinds of ingredients that they are exposing their skin to. After all, those substances end up in bloodstream, which is why going natural is always the best option.

Whether it be face, eyes, lips, and skin care products, Physicians Formula has got it all. In the face department there are blushes, bronzers, concealers, foundations, primers, moisturizers, contours, and sprays. With eyes, there are eyebrow pencils and boosters, liners, shadows, and mascaras. Lips include lip gloss, lipstick, lip moisturizer, and even a plumping cocktail! For skin, there are makeup removers, nourishing oils, and a unique argan and coconut primer. Now that you know what the brand has to offer, here are the best of Physicians Formula products:

  1. Physicians Formula Eye Primer Duo Matte + Shimmer is a dynamic eye primer duo in a matte and a shimmer finish. It is formulated with LockedIn Technology that creates an invisible canvas for longwearing, crease-resistant eyeshadow which is high-performance and smudge-resistant, keeping eyeshadow in place.
  2. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Work It Mascara in Ultra Black is a must buy! This mascara manages to separate, lengthen, and give your lashes that extra oomph. The texture is not dry, but not wet and sticky either. So, in terms of layering, it does not clump or crack. It is also very long lasting, so it will outlast all of your other tubes of mascara.
  3. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Bronzer + Blush + Eyeshadow is an all-in-one nude color scheme for face and eyes, and you can use it as a shadow, a bronzer, or even highlighter. There is some much versatility in this tiny package, adding new dimension to your looks without having the color coming off as too harsh. As far as I’m concerned, I would buy this product again and again!
  4. Physicians Formula The Healthy Lip Velvet Liquid Lipstick is a long-wearing, decadent mousse-like texture lipstick that delivers high-impact color that glides on like butter (unlike many matte liquid lipsticks) for a seamless one-stroke color payoff; it dries in seconds–and stays there without budging. Best of all, like all of Physicians Formula products, it is infused with natural skincare benefits. The light-weight, cream formula features beauty miracle-worker, avocado oil that hydrates and moisturizes, while the hyaluronic acid smooths and enhances the lips overtime for a healthy, beautiful pout.

In the end, Physicians Formula products are perfect examples of how beauty products don’t have to have a luxury price-tag on them in order to properly work. They’ve now got drugstore aisles hustling and bustling, more packed out then beauty boutiques and department stores–which is a huge feat. Instead of waiting in line for Physicians Formula products, plan your hauls accordingly on P.S. I’ve heard through the Just4Girls grapevine that there is going to be a Physicians Formula 40% off flash sale in the near future, so I really mean it when I say plan accordingly. Be on the lookout for our Glam Gala sales and specials ladies 😉 😉 😉

Alizeh Siddiqui
I’m a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer–and to live your best life while doing it!
Alizeh Siddiqui

Alizeh Siddiqui

I'm a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer--and to live your best life while doing it!

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