Common Highlighter Mistakes and How to Fix Them

We all have made these highlighter mistakes at one time or another. They’re easy to correct! Image Credit Bustle

I can guarantee everyone who is reading this blog that I have committed many mistakes when applying highlighter. That is why I love Influencers so much; they really do take the guess work out of things and show all kinds of different tricks, tips and hacks to make your makeup artistry skills soar.

Here are a few of the most common Highlighter mistakes and how to fix them:

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You look too oily

This is by far, the most common mistake newbies to highlighter make. I even stopped using highlighter because of this. To avoid doing this, apply your highlighter after foundation but before blush. This will help minimize the shine and give a beautiful subtle glow. You also want to use quality product, like the MUA Light Lustre Highlighting Collection. This is a great collection and its easy on the wallet.

MUA Luxe Light Lustre Highlight Duo in Majesty available at

Your makeup application is over the top super shiny

While there is a time and place for the extreme strobe appearance, sometimes its best to follow the “less is more” look. An easy way to achieve this is to blend a drop of liquid highlight into your foundation. You can also add a drop of serum as well. Just place a dab of your foundation, a drop of highlighter and a drop of serum on the back of your hand, then apply with a brush or a beauty blender. This is the easiest way to achieve this without brightening your entire bottle of foundation.

MUA’s Light Lustre Collection has three gorgeous tones available. They contain  high concentrates of pearl which gives you a beautiful reflection and glow, especially if applied to your foundation directly.

There are three shades in this collection, appropriately named  OpulenceSublime and Marvel.

MUA Luxe Light Lustre Highlight Duo in Splendour available at

It looks like glitter has been plastered all over your face.

Again, this is a common boo boo that everyone makes, myself included. If the results you get look like a glitter bomb exploded on your face, then it might be the formulation that you want to change. Again, I recommend MUA Products for this look. You get a lot more product than it seems, they are velvety and pigmented ( as well as buildable ), and they won’t cost an arm and leg. MUA’s Light Lustre Highlight Duo Powders come in three shade combinations: LavishMajestyand Splendour. These are actually baked powders, which means you can apply them wet or dry. I’ve played around with both and I prefer applying these wet. They just seem to give me a more concentrated and fluid glow. However, if you decide to apply them dry, you won’t be disappointed. They are very luxe and velvety to the touch, and they are super easy to blend also.

You’re applying highlighter to the wrong areas

I’ve done this one too. Adding too much highlight to the wrong spot can be counter productive and make your face look wider. You want to highlight above the cheekbones, never below. A beautiful shade to use for winter highlighting is MUA Luxe Light Lustre Highlight Duo in Splendour available at

MUA Light Lustre Highlight Duo in Lavish available at

I also love the MUA Light Lustre Collection are the Liquid Highlighters. The thing that sets these apart is that they contain high concentrates of pearl which gives you a beautiful reflection rather than flashback. Some people like to apply these with a brush or even their fingers, but I prefer using a beauty sponge. I find it gives you more of a sheer, airbrushed look. Using your fingers is okay, just make sure they’re clean or else you risk transferring bacteria to your face ( which could possibly lead to acne and breakouts ).

There are three shades in this collection, appropriately named  OpulenceSublime and Marvel. 

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Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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