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If you thought Korean skincare and makeup was just a fad, think again. Korean beauty products spread from their tiny peninsula to the rest of the world in 2011 when BB cream hit the scene. BB cream has been in Korea for ages, but only made a splash globally a few years ago. If you wearer of foundation and are not familiar with this amazing stuff let me break it down for ya. BB cream originally created in Germany was catapulted into mainstream by Korea. BB stands for blemish balm, which was intended for people to use after they had extensive facials or face procedures. BB cream serves many purposes that is why it gained quick fame Korea. It serves as a: moisturizer, color corrector, anti-aging, skin lightener, sun protector etc. It’s really amazing to see BB cream hit the Pakistani Market. As a person that wears foundation, sunscreen, anti-aging products it’s so convenient to have all that in one tube. This saves a few thousand rupees each month because I only need to buy one thing. In short BB cream is lighter than foundation and heavier than tinted moisturizers.

Here is a list of the top selling BB creams on, Pakistan’s number one online cosmetics shop.

Dermacol B.B Magic Beauty Cream 8 in 1 – Nude – (PKR 600)

Eveline White Prestige 4D Whitening BB Cream (PKR 995)


L.A Girl Pro BB Cream – Light (PKR 900)

Nicka K BB Cream – Dark (PKR 1,190)

The Body Shop All In One BB Cream – Lighter Skin Tones (PKR 3,250)

BB cream, now a mainstay in beauty has a competitor lurking, CC cream. I am just going to go ahead and state the obvious that they are almost the same thing with slight differences. CC stands for ‘color correcting’ and was created for people who deal with rosacea (redness) or very slight skin discoloration. CC cream is essentially weightless and usually a whipped consistency, which makes it feel lighter on the skin. Although BB and CC cream are marketed for different purposes they are almost identical in the end. As stated best by, “BB/CC benefit and coverage vary greatly among different brands.” Like any moisturizer, foundation, SPF and now BB/CC cream you have to find the one that is most compatible with your skin.

Here are my fav CC creams:

Janssen Cosmetics CC Cream Light (PKR 2,200) 

Maybelline Care & Correct CC Cream For Dull Skin (PKR 899)

Last but least let’s dive in to the world of Korean facial masks also known as sheet masks. They are mostly packaged for a single use and made out of cotton soaked in skin reviving ingredients. These masks are usually for the full face; don’t be scared if you look like Jason from Friday the 13th once you put it on. When placed on the skin the cotton mask lays perfectly to the curves of your face. Theses masks do wonders in drawing out excess oil. They also pack your face full or moisture. Moisture is the key when it comes to Korean sheet masks. These masks are pumped with active ingredients that penetrate the skin to lock in all the goodness. If you have not tried one of these there are tons available for all different types of skins.

K.M Absolute New York 24k Gold Mask (PKR 1,199) 

K.M Karuna Deep Condition Skin Mask (PKR 1,399)

K.M Yes To Miracle Oil PrimRose Oil Mud Mask (PKR 599)

K.M Yes To Tomatoes Acne Fighting Paper Mask (PKR 599)

Sadaf Malik
Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3
Sadaf Malik

Sadaf Malik

Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3

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