Frankincense – The Essential Oil You Need In Your Life ASAP

I have to confess something as a beauty blogger and self-proclaimed skincare aficionado — I didn’t know what frankincense was until quite recently. Being well versed in the essential oil world and using them everyday I thought I knew all the ins and outs of the best out there. It wasn’t until about a year ago my dad was talking about the scents from the Arabian Peninsula and mentioned how frankincense was highly sought after. I stared at him with a blank look like * I don’t now what you are talking about. * My father ended up giving me the most uncultured glare. From that moment I dashed to my computer and tried to find out as much about frankincense as I possibly could and was I in for the biggest surprise ever for my mind, body and soul.

In this blog I want to introduce you (if you don’t already know) to and share with you the benefits of this wonderful oil.

So what is frankincense?

It is a powerful healing substance that comes from the Middle East, Africa and parts of India. It has been harvested and traded for thousands of years. It is famous for having a magnificent combination scent of sweet, spicy, woodsy, and balsamic. Frankincense is actually a resin that is found on a tree called Boswellia.


How does frankincense form?

The Boswellia tree is scrubby and small and grows well in dry rocky areas. To harvest the resin farmers have to cut the bark of the tree, which causes milky like sap to ooze out in the form of small tears. When these droplets dry they are scrapped off and set aside so that they can completely solidify. To tell the quality of frankincense you can determine that by the size and color. The most expensive and top quality is very white in color and in larger ‘drops,’ the lower quality is smaller in size and more amber in color.

High quality

Low quality

How do you get frankincense essential oil?

The essential oil is produced by steam distilling the resin ‘drops’ that have hardened. The aroma that wafts from oil is extremely potent and earthy smelling. When the oil is created then there are endless possibilities of what you can do with it.

What are the benefits of frankincense?

The aroma is the first thing that is noticed. But frankincense is so much more than just a scent. Many holistic experts have claimed the following:

– Reduce skin discoloration and ageing spots

– Help with cellular functions

– Reduce inflammation

– Promote relaxation and wellness

– Help with oral as resin can even be chewed

– Improve memory

– Reduce joint pain and inflammation

– Astringent properties ward off blemishes and wrinkles

Frankincense is seriously like a super resin that can be transformed into many healing agents. Your mind, body and soul will truly appreciate the positive effects it has. Also you guys are in luck, Just4Girls, Pakistan’s premium online beauty retailer is selling a small trial size of frankincense: Essential Oil Labs Frankincense Oil Therapeutic Grade (3 ml) for only PKR 299.




Sadaf Malik
Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3
Sadaf Malik

Sadaf Malik

Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3

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