How to Apply Liquid Highlighter Like a Boss

There’s nothing like a great looking glow up to get your engines going. Image Credit Guilded Cage Cosmetics


I’ve been so much in love with MUA Luxe’s Light Lustre Liquid Highlighters that I felt it called for a “how-to” article about liquid highlighter.



Here are some tips on how to apply your liquid highlighter perfectly:

1. Choose the color based on your overall look.

If you’re wanting to do an ethereal, soft glow, then choose a lighter color ( think unicorn ). If you’re wanting to have a more fall bronzed glow, then go with colors in that range.

A trick I learned from a Makeup Artist friend of mine is to choose colors which correspond with your eyeshadow colors. If you’re using a cool toned palette for the eyes, you don’t want to mix a warm toned liquid highlighter in. It is going to throw off the color scheme.

What she does is chooses her palette first, then lines up four highlighter colors underneath the open palette. Whichever highlighter shade seems to match the best is the one she goes with.



2. Focus on the high points of the face.

A mistake I have made often is incorrect product placement. A good way to avoid this is to map out the places where you want to add a little shine.

I have to give the credit for this strategy to my Traditional Animation Professor. She got me in the habit of creating a “storyboard” before I began any project, regardless of what type of animation technique I was going to use. A storyboard, which is basically the film you’re going to make broken down in comic form, is a “map” or “blueprint.” By following the storyboard, you keep your piece on track and avoid unnecessary wasted time and resources.

This is the same reason Makeup Artists use Makeup Face Charts before applying complex makeup looks. It serves as a guide.

An easy hack is to pull your hair back, take a selfie and then use the mockup feature on your smartphone to draw in where you want your highlighter to go.

I would recommend adding highlighter across the cheekbones, over the center of the forehead, under the eyes, on the cupid’s bow of the lips and down the bridge of the nose.

3. Blend, baby, blend.

Then blend with your fingers or a beauty sponge. I recommend a sponge, because our fingers carry bacteria and can lead to breakouts.

Honestly, you’ll want to blend pretty much straight away. If the formula dries before it’s blended, then it will ruin your entire look.

I like to dampen my beauty sponge with some setting spray to help give my product a little more hold. If you feel you’ve added too much, dab a tiny bit of concealer over the area you wish to tone down.

4. Add powder to rev up the glow.

You may add a little bit of powder to your face to add a little more shine. My personal pick is MUA Luxe Light Lustre Highlight Duo in Majesty.

Good luck with your glow game!




Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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