How to fake a nose job with makeup!

Have you ever wanted to alter the shape of your nose without having to go through surgery?

Guess what?

You TOTALLY can! All you need are a few makeup products, brushes and your imagination!

The first step is to have a good foundation and primer. Don’t just go with any formula. Take the time to find the one that suits your skin tone and skin type. If you choose the right shade but get the wrong formula, you won’t have a good base or palette to begin with. For instance, if you are oily, you might want to go with powder based foundations, primers and products. Or, you might want to get an oil-control primer and then a matte finish product. If you’re dry, definitely go for a hydrating finish otherwise, your makeup will crack and actually make you look older than you really are.

Next, you want to crack out your contour kit. If you don’t have one, has a great selection you can order online. Then, start contouring the areas you want to appear smaller or more prominent. You can use dark eyeshadow or a cream contour kit; whichever is best suited for your skin tone and type. One of my favorite contour kits is this Makeup Revolution Pro HD Palette in The Works.

Then, you want to blend using your favorite brush or beauty sponge. Beauty Blender is a really great tool when it comes to creating a flawless, airbrushed contour look.

When you’ve gotten everything blended perfectly, be sure to add highlighter. This will give more depth and dimension to your contouring. Highlighter should be added to the top of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, the cupid’s bow, the forehead and your chin. Be sure to use a fan brush when applying your highlighter to the bridge of the nose. You want to dust the brush up and down your nose using the tips rather than brushing across with the entire fan. This will create a precise line rather than dust the highlighter all over.

Once you’re done, snap a selfie and share it with us online! Be sure to shop for all of your makeup and contouring needs!

Skincare is a girl’s best friend!

Kat Dickerson

Skincare is a girl’s best friend!

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