How to Get Gigi Hadid’s Flawless Makeup Look

Want to know how you can replicate Gigi Hadid’s signature looks? Read on! Image Credit: TheCut.

Makeup Artists to Celebrities are amazing people to learn from. They wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t strive to be among the best in their field.

One of the best ways to learn is to observe and take after someone whose skill set is more advanced than our own. Some people say we can’t learn from those who are as good or not as good as we are, but I disagree. I believe everyone who shows up in our lives has a lesson to teach us.

I’ve learned some amazing tips and tricks from newbies just starting out in their field. The reason being is when we are new to something we show passion for, we have less inhibition and more creative impulse. Sometimes watching newbies take risks with their work is inspiring and refreshing. I’ve also been taught a lot by people who are at the same level of skill set that I am. It could be as simple as a tweak in Photoshop or a clever way to prevent eyeshadow fall out.

Gigi Hadid. Image Credit @erinparsonsmakeup.

Perhaps it is better to make the statement that one must observe working professionals when it comes to ultimate goals. These are people who have worked through trial and error and who have persisted until they got to where they wanted to be in life.

While researching material for this blog, I came across a really wonderful article featuring tips shared by Patrick Ta, who has created many beautiful makeup looks for Gigi Hadid.

If you’ve been wondering how to replicate Gigi’s gorgeous signature looks using Ta’s tips as well as some that I’ve learned over the years, read on. You’ll be glad you did.

Lashes are a must

Ta recommends using waterproof mascara on the bottom lashes and regular on the upper lashes. This helps cut down on runny messes . I also recommend using a mascara primer, or a mascara and primer in one. You can also mix different mascara formulas. When I was working at a makeup counter, one of my fellow Counter Managers from another store taught me how to layer mascara and I never went back. She used two different popular mascaras that our Brand was famous for and combined them to create mega volume and beautiful smokey eyes. Mascara products I would recommend are Maybelline Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara and Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Angel Waterproof Mascara.



Foundation hacks are key

One of the most sought after foundation looks for the past few seasons has been the “barely there” or “fresh-faced and dewy” look. Gigi Hadid is famous for this look. If you take a look at photographs of her over the course of the past few years, most of the time, she doesn’t look like she’s wearing any makeup at all. One trick I learned while working as a Makeup Counter Manager was to “cocktail” my long-wearing foundation with a popular night time serum we sold. This is also similar to a technique Ta uses, although he recommends using a moisturizer.

You can most certainly use a moisturizer; just be sure to use one that is suitable for your skin type. If you’re oily and you mix your foundation with a moisturizer meant for dry skin, the results may not turn out how you had hoped. I personally prefer using serums mixed with foundation, because they are more lightweight, super hydrating, and in most cases don’t give you an overall greasy look. Formulas I like and recommend are Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless FoundationMaybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation and Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Dewy + Smooth. These are great formulas and can be mixed with your favorite serum or moisturizer.

Gigi Hadid showing off a gorgeous natural look. Image Credit Michael Stewart/Getty Images.

To pull off this look, put about a quarter sized of foundation on the back of your hand as well as a dime sized portion of serum or moisturizer. Take a makeup brush or makeup sponge and mix together, then apply the mixture to your face. This is a gradual look, so start with thin layers until you get the amount of coverage you’re going for.

Ta also recommends adding facial oil into your foundation for a really pronounced dewy look.

Love your lips

There are so many ways to shape and contour your lips. Ta recommends only over-lining toward the center of the lips to keep the natural shape in tact. You can also apply concealer to your lips, then fade out bold color gradually to give the appearance of a subtle stain. If you’re unsure of how to get a precise and more angular Cupid’s Bow, draw an “X” on the top of your lips and then fill in with your desired lip color. That’s a Makeup Artist trick which has been around for quite some time; I learned it while working in Entertainment at a Theme Park. I really love these Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid lip colors. If you’re wanting a really gorgeous nude lip color, Gigi Hadid’s own Maybelline collection is the first place I would start. I love Maybelline x Gigi Hadid Matte Nude Lipstick in Taura and McCall.

Contour Magic

This secret isn’t just specific to Ta’s Makeup Artistry. Using cream contours tends to blend better ( in my opinion ) and gives a more airbrushed look. Sometimes I like to get the same foundation formula I’m using in highlighter and contour shades so I can keep one specific type of product on my face that I know works for me. I love Maybelline Face Studio Master Contour Stick. It’s fast, easy to use and portable.

Eyeshadow hacks to help perfect your lid artistry

Ta recommends doing your eyeshadow before applying foundation and concealer so any fall out can be covered up or brushed away. I learned this trick during my theme park days; I would do my eyeshadow first, brush away fall out and then after applying foundation and concealer, apply my bottom eyeliner. This prevents smudging and keeps your lines sharp and clean. Maybelline has so many beautiful eyeshadow palettes; my favorites are Maybelline The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette in Urban Jungle and Rooftop Brown.

Have you tried any of these makeup tricks? We’d love to see your own makeup artistry!  Share with us on social media and use hashtag #Just4GirlsPK! Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookInstagram  and Twitter for more beauty tips, tutorials and news on the latest product launches!

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Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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