How to Get the Most Out of Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix Shimmer Sticks

I love how versatile Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix are! Image Credit: Fenty Beauty.


There are quite a few ways that you can get use out of your Fenty Beauty products, which is yet another reason I ( and so many others ) just absolutely love this brand. Rihanna has poured her heart, soul and creative talents into this venture and it just keeps getting better and better. The brand just recently celebrated its first year anniversary and shows no signs of slowing down or falling out of favor. One of my favorite things to do is visit the store when the new testers and products arrive so I can swatch the product and see it first hand.

One of my favorite Rihanna creations to date are  Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix Shimmer Stix. They’re more than just “highlighter sticks,” and can be used virtually anywhere on your face, in so many ways. That’s another plus for investing in anything Fenty Beauty; her products truly are super versatile.

Did you know you can use these as a Lipstick?

If you didn’t know, then I’m sure this is very exciting news for you. I have a really good Makeup Artist friend who owns every single Match Stix color released and she demonstrated all of them as a lipstick. Not only that, but she takes coordinating colors and creates tri-tone, ombre and even metallic looks with these handy sticks.

They can also be used as eyeshadow as well.

My same friend showed me how they look as an eyeshadow, and it’s stunning. Again, she does a variety of looks with them, from single color to blended looks. She tested them on me, and all of the looks were gorgeous. Especially when you add false eyelashes, sup up your brow and use a beautiful liquid liner.


The most common way to rock these is use them as a highlighter

This is what most people do with their Match Stix, because it’s the primary function of these wonder products. My makeup artist friend even takes this to the next level. She showed me some really out of sight strobing methods, some subtle and not so subtle highlighter looks and it was really amazing how she coordinated the different shades to create literally over a dozen looks.


They can be used as a creamy, unique blush.

My friend uses all kinds of tools to apply these as a blush. She demoed some with a brush, then some with a beauty sponge. She did ombre blush, two toned blushes, goddess looks, all kinds of options. She showed me what they looked like on her skin tone and then mine. Gorgeous.

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Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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