How to Get the Most Out of Your Foundation

Making your foundation last longer is easier than you think it is! Image Credit: Gluten Free.

How many times have you perfected your foundation only for it to slide right off your face just an hour or two later? Or accidentally brush your face against your shirt and see a huge, beige smudge where your foundation has just smeared right off your face? As a person who has dealt with this frustration myself, I set out to find some tried and true methods to keep foundation in place.

1. Girl, wash your face!

I know, I know. This has been the number one on a lot of my latest posts, but you guys, it is so true. Before you can apply any kind of product ( foundation, moisturizers, even primer ), you have to start with clean skin. Otherwise, it’s just not going to look the way you want it to. I definitely recommend using a facial scrub one to two times a week and then a good cleanser ( suited for your skin type ) daily.

2. Prep your skin.

Regardless of your method or product of choice, you’ve got to prep your skin. Some people like to use moisturizer then primer, others primer only, and some moisturizer only. I’m a fan of both moisturizer and primers, but be sure you’re getting products that go hand in hand with your skin type. Otherwise, you’re going to actually quicken the decay of your foundation look. I’m oily, so I tend to go with products that control oil and help minimize the look of my pores.

3. Apply Foundation with a professional tool.

I’ve tried both ways, and it does seem like foundation applied with a brush tends to last longer. However, beauty sponges have come a long way and there are plenty of techniques to use these in order to ensure a more flawless application. One way is to spray your brush or sponge with setting spray and then apply your foundation. You can also cocktail serum with your foundation and apply with brush or sponge.

4. Use a setting spray.

These little babies have been popping up all over the place and for good reason. Nothing beats locking in a flawless foundation job with a good setting spray. What I like to do is apply one coat, let it dry and then spray again for good measure.

One of the foundation formulas I’ve been using recently that I love is Maybelline Super Stay Full Coverage Liquid Foundation. It is a long-lasting formula which looks gorgeous on and gives you long, lasting wear. You can purchase it over at

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Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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