How To Transition Your Makeup Kit From Summer to Fall!

It’s never too early to start gearing up for Fall! Image Credit Vilda Magazine.

Summer isn’t quite over yet, but even though we still have a few weeks to go, it’s good to look ahead at what products and shades to switch out for the Fall.

You don’t have to start completely over from scratch ( unless you want to, and hey….that’s perfectly fine ); all you need to do is make a few switcharoos or additions to successfully transition from summer glow to fall heat.

Trade your B.B. Cream for Foundation

If you’ve been skipping the foundation during the summer and substituting with BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers, fall is the perfect time to transition back to foundation. Be sure to keep the sunscreen though; we need that product year round to protect our skin!

MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation is a great formula for oily people. It contains Vitamins A, E and Jojoba and gives your skin a really beautiful matte look and all day shine control. I would definitely recommend pairing it with MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Primer.

If you’re more normal to dry, try out MUA Skin Define Hydro Foundation. This also contains Jojoba and when paired with MUA Pro Base Moisturizing Primer, helps your skin look healthy, fresh and hydrated.

Swap your current lipstick for a darker shade

Fall is the perfect time for dark, velvety lips. Trade your light glossy shades for some rich mattes like MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Reckless. Other shades from the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip collection which I’m eyeing for fall are Flair and Firecracker.

The entire MUA Luxe Lip Collection ( both liquid and creams ) are amazing and I definitely recommend browsing through them.

Choose a darker eyeshadow palette

Whenever I think of fall, I think of rich, deep palettes like this MUA Pro 15 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Spiced Charm.  Definitely think about incorporating more browns ( cocoas, mochas, deep warm brown-blacks ) into your eyeshadow routine.

Twilight Delight, another palette in the MUA Pro 15 Shade Eyeshadow Palette Collection, is a gorgeous array of plums. This is absolutely perfect for fall.

Fall is all about warmth, because it’s the precursor to the colder months of winter. That’s why fall makes me want to grab a hot cup of apple cider and sit on the porch in the early evening.

Swap your black eyeliner for a warm brown

This is one of my go-to steps when updating my look from summer to fall. This MUA Intense Eyeliner Pencil in Rich Brown is creamy, soft and look beautiful on. It would be a perfect pairing with the Spiced Charm palette.

If you’re not a fan of brown liner, try a burgundy or wine color instead, like this MUA Eyeliner Intense Pencil in Berry Wine.

How are you planning to update your look for fall? Let us know! Share your looks with us on social media and use hashtag #Just4GirlsPK.

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Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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