If You’re Unsure How To Use Your Highlighter, Read This!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a little more than obsessed with Highlighting and Strobing. I’m especially hooked on MUA’s highlighters lately. They’re plush, highly pigmented and you get a lot of product for the price ( which, might I add, isn’t bad at all ). There are quite a few different highlighters in their product lines, and they all provide different effects and textures. It depends on what kind of look you’re going for.

Once upon a time, I used to be seriously afraid of highlighting and contouring. As in, I didn’t even want to try it for fear I wouldn’t do it right. As I got older, I learned to conquer my fear and I also learned I wasn’t alone when it came to anxiety over applying certain makeup products. Lucky for us, we have the internet and Youtube to refer back to.

Not sure what highlighter is or what it does? In basic terms, highlighters are a category of face makeup that attracts light. This creates an illusion of height and brightness. It’s been used by Celebrities for years to help lift certain features and push other ones back. You don’t have to be a contour master in order to use highlighter successfully, either, in case you were wondering.

What does it mean when we say it “lifts?” Okay, you know how some faces with a lot of “shine” to them look like they’ve just had a facelift, or ten years taken off their face? That’s basically what highlighting does in terms of lifting. The more lit or highlighted an area on the face is ( like cheekbones or the brow bone ), the more prominent it appears to the eye, and it gives the illusion of being lifted. The Contour shades place shadow on areas of the face where shadows lie naturally, which “pushes” them “back.” It’s about painting your face with light and shadow, and this is how makeup artists successfully contour people’s face. It’s a concept that’s been around for centuries; any Renaissance painting is going to demonstrate the effects of painting with light and shadow ( or chiaroscuro ).

Some people like to use their highlighter all over, and that’s perfectly fine, but for me, I like to be sparing with my product. If you’re wanting to make your cheekbones look higher or more prominent, use your highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and just a bit to the side of your under eye area. Keep the shimmer on the cheek at least a finger’s width away from your eyes. This avoids the product sinking into any fine lines and accentuating those instead of your beautiful cheekbones. If your goal is to make your eyes look bigger or brighter, then dab a bit of product around your tear duct. You can even dot it onto the center of your eyelids for a flash of brightness. I’ve seen Beauty Bloggers do this a lot and it looks beautiful. You can also dab under the arch of your eyebrows, and use down the center of the bridge of your nose to make it appear slimmer.

Here are a few highlighters that I definitely recommend for the hot Summer months:



  1. MUA Shimmer Highlight Powder in Hollywood Rose: This formula instantly lifts and adds radiance to your complexion. You can do a lot with this gorgeous rose-toned product. You can use it all over, or apply to cheek bones and underneath the brow bone to life and bring out your natural features. Everything has been coming up “roses” lately, and MUA has really done well with their addition to this current trend.
  2. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Rosewood Glimmer: This is a bit darker, and more of a blush type shade than Hollywood Rose. It is also a different formula and is better suited for darker skin tones. I would honestly recommend getting both this one and the Hollywood Rose because you can create different looks with both.
  3. MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder in Golden Afterglow: This is another one I’ve seen that looks fabulous on darker skin tones. If you’re unsure as to whether a gold or icy colored highlighter works best for you, I would suggest using the jewelry test. If gold jewelry suits you better than silver, then use that to choose which highlighter colors you want to try. Same goes with silver; if silver looks better on you, then you’re probably a cool tone and I would stick with colors in this family.

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