Need to Update Your Foundation Shade for Fall? These MUA Pro Custom Colour Foundation Mixers are Just What You Need!

Need to go a shade darker or lighter for Fall? Don’t toss that Foundation out! Just update with Foundation Mixer Drops! Image Credit: khoobsurati.



Fall is pretty much here, and that means it’s time to update wardrobes, hairstyles, shoe choices and of course, makeup.

I remember the days when you had to have two to three different foundation tones to keep your look current all year round. I used to have one for Fall, Winter/Spring and Summer. I know other people who would keep five to six different shades year round, and some who change every month of the year ( for those who travel and jet set a lot ).

After a while, that gets to be pretty expensive and somewhat wasteful. By the time you gradually get to the point where it is necessary to switch shades, sometimes the formula has gone bad and you have to purchase an entire new bottle.

That’s why I’m so glad that we have Foundation Mixers available on the market. These little lifesavers in a tube are worth every penny spent on them!

Basically, Foundation Mixers are pigmented color drops which either darken or lighten your current shade of foundation. They do take a little getting used to, as well as some practice to master.

One recommendation I always make is not to add the pigments straight to the entire bottle of foundation if you’re a newbie at this. I recommend getting a small paper or plastic cup and adding a little bit of foundation and half a drop of foundation mixer to begin with. I say a small cup, because you’ll want to get at least a tablespoon and a half of foundation in the cup before adding drops. This should equal to at least one layer of covering, and it will ensure your color is mixed evenly.

At this point, you have a few options. If you’re okay with changing the entire bottle of foundation to match, you certainly can. Or, if you want to keep doing custom blends, you can do that also. It depends on your budget and personal preferences.

The best way to swatch your newly tinted foundation is to apply a dab to your forehead, your temple and on the bottom of the chin. These are three extreme points on your face, and where most makeup counters choose to match foundation. If the color looks consistent in all three places, then you’re good to go.

If you’re looking for a product recommendation, then I would definitely go with MUA’s Pro Custom Colour Foundation Mixers. 

This formula is available in four pigments: lightening warm, lightening cool, deepening medium and deepening dark. To find out if you’re a cool or a warm, take a look at your wrists. If the veins appear bright blue, then you’re a cool tone. If they appear green, then you’re warm. I always recommend getting both the lightening and deepening pigments in your undertone. Sometimes we make mistakes and either lighten or darken too much. Having both formulas gives you the ultimate control in your foundation mixing.

MUA Pro Custom Colour Foundation Mixers are available exclusively at! 







Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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