Nude Lipsticks for Every Shade of Brown Skin

My devotion to lipstick is pretty serious. I pray to the makeup gods, that one day Pakistani women like me will rejoice because a perfect a nude lipstick has been sent from above. Okay maybe I’m not that over the top but the struggle is real. For the past couple of years with the nude lip craze, I have searched high and low for something that would suit my skin. I would say in the winter/autumn months my skin tone is soft tan/caramel color. In the summer sun my skin tans into a very deep brown, like a sun-kissed goddess. It has become my mission to find nude shades that suit me all year round. In this blog I want to share with you my Pakistani sisters, the best there is available to us online. I have tried my hardest not to leave anyone out; I know Pakistan is a highly diverse nation with women of all colors from fair/light to dark and beautiful like the mid-night sky. Check out my guide below for the perfect nude lipstick for all skin tones.

Light/Fair/Pale Skin – Always choose a nude that has pink undertones, this will prevent you from looking ghostly. Make sure you line your lips with a similar color to give that bit of distinction between your skin and lips. Nudes recommended:

Medium/Tan/Chestnut Skin – Go for a nude that has more peachy/beige undertones nothing yellow. Peachy nudes will really warm out your complexion and steer you away from looking dull and rinsed. Nudes recommended:

Dark/Deep/Cocoa Skin– Try a nude that is more of a tawny/brown. Choosing a nude for these skin tones are more difficult because most makeup companies are not that inclusive, sadly. A great hack here is to look for coffee and cappuccino shades that compliment not wash out.

I hope this guide helps you when trying to find the perfect nude! I know that in stores and even shopping online in Pakistan can be exhausting but keep a lookout for these shades. The above-mentioned are all available on

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