Sadaf Shares Her Favorite Mascaras

I always get asked, “Are your lashes real?” “What’s your secret?” The answer is yes, baby, alllll real. What’s my secret? I use a mascara that works with my lashes to make them thick and long (and maybe a dash of good genes). Not all of us are born with lashes that grow upwards to sky. Don’t fret though; there are so many mascaras and products out there now that will make your real eyelashes look like falsies.

Just like everyone has a different body type, everyone also has different lashes. Whether they are short and stubborn, pointed straight out or downwards, or sparse, don’t worry there is a mascara that it for you. Once you find that one that works with your lashes and gives them all the boost and length they need, it will feel like you hit the jackpot. The makeup jackpot that is, because mascara is one of those cosmetics that really we can’t live without. So sit down grab some tea and follow me on this journey of finding the best mascaras and primers that will take your lashes to lengths. I bet you’ll find a magical mascara to rock!

Primer aka underwear for eyelashes –

Tarte Cosmetics MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing – Primer (PKR 3,499) – This supernatural pre-mascara gives you mega length without going to the salon. Tarte claims that this stuff with increase the length of your lashes by 73%, that’s percentage they quoted. I can attest to this claim, it works ladies!

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Lash Primer – Committed A Prime (PKR 899) – For less than PKR 900 you can volumize your lashes to the next level. This buildable primer is made from a special mix of waxes that create volume and length.

Lengthening mascara – After testing a million lengthening mascaras these are the ones that made my lash look as long at the Burj Khalifa. There is a mascara for every price range. I personally love Golden Rose makeup and they do not disappoint with this volume and length combo!

Bobbi Brown Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening Mascara – Black (PKR 4,999)


Golden Rose Mega Volume & Length City Style Mascara – Black (PKR 530)


Nicka K Xtreme Length Waterproof Mascara – Black (PKR 650)


Volume mascara – I like my girls thick and my eyelashes thicker, ayeeee! But forealzzz, who can deny the power of grand, voluptuous, lashes? Make sure you test out the suggested below. They are hot like fiyaaaa.

Impala Curling & Volume Mascara (PKR 795)

L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Feline Mascara (PKR 2,500)


Golden Rose Ultra Volume X4 Mascara – Rich Black (PKR 650)


Waterproof mascara – On a rainy day you need these!

Golden Rose Volume Waterproof Mascara – Black (PKR 650)

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt Waterproof Mascara -Black Noir (PKR 1,999)


MUD Water Resistant Mascara (PKR 2,395)


NYX Doll Eye Mascara – Waterproof – Black (PKR 1,099)


Playful colors mascara – Mix it up a little, have some fun. Use these playful colored mascaras to up your spring and summer game.

JOKO Makeup Pump Your Lashes Mascara – Deep Blue (PKR 750)


Wet n Wild Color Blast Mascara – 12941 Seafoam Green (PKR 720)


MUA Mascara – Shade 7 Hot Pink (PKR 400)

Sadaf Malik
Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3
Sadaf Malik

Sadaf Malik

Loves traveling, eating and lipstick <3

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