Strobing and Highlighting with MUA

MUA is my go-to brand for strobing and highlighting needs. Image Credit Fashionisers.

MUA is a brand I really love ( as most of you know by now ). The products are top quality without the high price tag. One of my favorite collections by MUA is the Prism line. Believe me, you’ll definitely want to get some of these to try out for yourself. Plus, MUA is so budget friendly to begin with, if you’re able, I say go ahead and splurge on the whole set if you feel like it! I mean, why not, right?

First, for all of those loose powder fans out there, check out this MUA Prism Loose Powder Highlighting Powder. The color I tried out is called Star Illusion, and it’s just the thing the universe ordered for all of the unicorns out there! This is a setting powder, so you can use this over your entire look to add an all over holographic effect to your face. You can also dust it on arms and chest to amp things up a notch! This also comes in two other shades: Emerald Marvel and Oceanic Wonder.


I also highly recommend the Prism pressed holographic powders available. I tested out five shades: Rose Tinted, Aquatic Shine, Polarised Green,Ultra Violet and Solar Flare.  These are going to give you a gorgeous, dewy and fresh faced look. If you’re not sure which colors to choose, go with the ones which are closest to your undertones.

One of the most important tool sets you’ll need in order to create a really good powder highlighting and strobing effect is a collection of good brushes. MUA has some really great ones in their collection.

If you can only get one brush, then grab this angled contour and highlight brush by MUA.  You can use it for blush, bronzer, highlighting and strobing. Just be sure to clean your brush between uses with brush cleanser or a dry plastic kitchen scrubby. To apply, dip the contoured brush into the desired color of powder and sweep across the top of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, your forehead and your chin. You can also put a dab on your cupid’s bow for some extra emphasis.

Want to make a splash and pack on some big time color? Then use this MUA Blush Buki Brush. It’s a flat, densely packed brush, so it’s going to definitely give you a more airbrushed look. I would use this to do some major unicorn or mermaid holo looks all over my face. This is also the brush I would recommend to use with the Prism Loose Powders.

Another good option is a fan brush, like this MUA Fan Brush. To use, load your brush with color and fan across your face for a lightly dusted and shimmery look. This is more of what I call “angel dusting,” and it’s going to give you a very low-key and subtle look. This is the look I prefer, because I find it suits my skin better. But it’s all about what works for you!

Last, but certainly not least are these MUA Strobe Creams in Golden Ray, Sun Haze and Flash. Strobe creams are the formula I’m most comfortable with, because they’re easier for me to use and not have to re-do. If you’re just getting into strobing, then go with one of these. Flash is my favorite color because it gives you an all over dewy glow so you can get used to the type of look you want to create. Also keep in mind that you want to add these before your powder to keep them from looking muddy!

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Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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