Summer Beauty Products With SPF That Add Everyday Sun Protection in Your Skin Care Regime

With the summer season at its peak, incorporating sun protection into our everyday beauty routines is an absolute MUST. If adding sunscreen in to our morning regimen feels like an unnecessary step, take this statement from the Skin Cancer Foundation into consideration: “More than 90 percent of the visible skin changes associated with aging are caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays.” That means wrinkles, ladies. Time and time again, scientific findings emphasize the importance of keeping SPF in our daily skin care routine. It is more than just to avoid a beet-red face and wrinkles–using products with sunscreen can, first and foremost, reduce your risk of skin cancer ten folds, not to mention help brighten the complexion.

So, when it comes to protecting your face from UVA and UVB rays, the safest look is a baseball cap, sunglasses, and most importantly, a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 20 to 50. To boost your sun protection to the nth degree, turn to the array of hardworking makeup products, which not only provide flawless coverage and uh-mazing color, but also have SPF in their formulas. So, when these products are overlaid with your regular sun cream, they’ll create the ultimate shield against the sun’s harmful rays. Below are the best summer beauty products with SPF that add everyday sun protection in your skin care regime:

  1. Restore your complexion’s radiance and get that summer glow (with holiday worthy SPF) with the Nars Radiance Primer Broad Spectrum SPF 35. The Nars Primer takes the skin from dull to dewy in just seconds. Then overlay it with foundation for flawless, pore-free results.
  2. Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50+ is a chemical-free sunscreen that is perfect for those with sensitive, easily-irritated skin. It also wears beautifully underneath makeup, too. It is moisturizing, glowy (without being oily), and never feels too heavy on the skin.
  3. The Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pink Transformer SPF 35 has a pink formula that contains a unique blend of pearls to make skin instantly brighter, fairer, and more–you guessed it–pink. So, your skin stays glowing, hydrated, and protected all day long. The product has great UVA and UVB coverage, can be used as a natural highlighter, and can be mixed with BB cream/ foundation for easy application and a nice, dewy finish.
  4. The Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 delivers soft matte perfection and protection. The oil-free formula delivers Nars signature natural-looking finish and shine control with the skin care benefits of an all-in-one treatment. It is breathable on the skin, has sheer-to-medium coverage, and has transparent blurring powders in the formula to control shine. Easy does it with this effortless application and instant gratification.  
  5. Finding lip makeup with SPF is a hassle. Luckily, however, there are a few gems in the market. Indulge lips in rich, creamy color with the luxurious satin-finish Oriflame Giordani Gold Iconic Lipstick SPF 15. It is infused with restorative argan oil for lasting comfort and superior pigments for color intensity. Best of all, the SPF 15 protects lips against premature aging caused by the sun.

In the end, summer is an all-time favorite season for most of us–and probably always will be. I mean really, we all seem to thrive in hot weather. So ladies, stop associating sunscreen with the gloppy, heavy white goo that your moms would slather on every time you would step out of the house in the summer. You ladies can still get the sun protection you need without putting a heavy cream all over your faces–thanks to the SPF factor. All of the beauty products with SPF mentioned above are available on, so you ladies can protect against wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, burns, and irritation. Don’t hold off any longer, get yourselves quality products that are made even better with SPF.

Alizeh Siddiqui
I’m a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer–and to live your best life while doing it!
Alizeh Siddiqui

Alizeh Siddiqui

I'm a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer--and to live your best life while doing it!

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