The Best Shades of Gucci’s Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick

With a single swipe, I can bet that you ladies will be instantly sold on Gucci’s Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick. That is all it took for me, at least, to fall head over heels for it. I know, it sounds a bit mental, and believe me, I’ve never been the one to own high end beauty products because the mere thought of anything designer is too bougie for my personal taste– especially since I rarely ever drop heavy ched on makeup. Gucci’s Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick had me shook though–making me the biggest advocate for the lipstick out there.

For starters, the lipstick glides on oh-so-smooth and feels like butter on the lips. It is made from a blend of nourishing oils and rich emollients, so this creamy satin lipstick delivers unparalleled levels of moisture that seriously can not be duped. The Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick doesn’t dry out the lips or cause flakiness, and it keeps the lips incredibly soft throughout the entire day. My personal favorite feature is how the formula leaves a high-shine finish without being overwhelmingly sticky or messy like most lip glosses. I’m also all about the rounded tip that allows for a seamless application that can be done without a mirror (major skill alert), making it the perfect lipstick for getting ready on the go.

As you can tell, I could go on and on about the Gucci Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick. What is most exciting, however, is that the Gucci product is available on Gucci beauty products are usually not as accessible as other well-known luxury cosmetics and are only sold in a few high end department stores or select Gucci boutiques. So, the fact that the Gucci Lipstick is available at is a pretty huge feat! Here are the best shades of Gucci’s Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick on

  1. Electric Crimson is a deep red color with blue undertones–and it absolutely beautiful. Unlike a bright orangey-red or a brownish-brick, this blue-based crimson is subdued, making it a nice alternative when you don’t want something too intense on in-your-face. It will also make your teeth look brighter thanks to the blue undertones. When comparing it to a red lipstick, I would describe it as deeper than a berry but not as edgy and dark as an oxblood. So, it is a color you can wear to the office and just as easily rock for a night out–whether it be a party, wedding, or a date. One swipe will have you feeling sexy and confident 😉
  2. Ardor is a vivid orange coral shade. Initially, the lipstick appears frosty, but actually has a nice sheen to it–especially when light reflects off of the lips. Best of all, the signature gourmand “Blue Chocolate” fragrance adds a delicious touch.
  3. Iconic Red is a stunning, drop dead gorgeous blue-based red that anyone and everyone can wear. It is a true statement red with an amazing one-swipe formula. When taken out of its box, you’ll be met with a black and gold tube that has Gucci’s standard interlocking G’s printed all over it. The fanciness doesn’t stop there either, the lipstick also has the double G’s stamped smack-dab in the center of the bullet. Yes, everything about this lipstick screams decadence.
  4. Berry Vanity shares the great texture of Iconic Red. It is a lovely berry red for both fall and winter. It is one of the more unique lipstick colors that I’ve come across in the collection, adding nice dimension to the lips.
  5. Velvet Burgundy is a deep reddish-raspberry shade. It definitely the vampiest of the shades and more of a stand out. Overall, very pretty with great coverage and opacity.

This is a huge statement to be making, but the Gucci Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick may be the best formula I’ve ever tried. The sculpted sharp-edged bullet is specially designed to give incredible coverage in a single swipe–and it does. With or without the special edged bullet, however, the lipstick still works its magic. The pigment hugs and grabs onto the lips like a second skin layer. It is like the lipstick actually becomes one with the lips. Bottom line, the lipstick is pure magic in a tube. Go online and checkout, where all of the best shades of Gucci’s Luxurious Moisture Rich Lipstick mentioned above are available. You are going to want to experience this one for yourself–it is a true experience.

Alizeh Siddiqui
I’m a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer–and to live your best life while doing it!
Alizeh Siddiqui

Alizeh Siddiqui

I'm a creative and adventurous fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who encourages individuals of all demographics to explore what the worlds of fashion, beauty, and travel have to offer--and to live your best life while doing it!

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