What To Expect From Your Skin This Winter

Of all the seasons, few of us would label winter as the best skin season. With winter comes blotchy, overly-sensitive, ghostly, and worst of all, dry skin. Needless to say, the weather really does a number on our complexions. Here’s what to expect from your skin this winter, and how to adjust your daily regimen accordingly.

Dermatologists agree that the main issue during the winter is skin dehydration, or lack of water. Dehydration differs from dryness, which refers to skin that lacks lipids or oils. Oils help form the protective barrier of the skin, so a lack of oils can also cause the skin to lose water. Dehydration refers to the lack of water in the outer layer of the skin. The results of dehydration range from sensitive skin and red cracked lips to rough and flaky skin. So, if you ladies find yourselves loading up on thick night creams or constantly applying lip balm, your skin is craving some hydration.

For severely dehydrated skin, look for products with ceramides. Ceramides are a type of fat found in skin cells. If you apply the right amount, they help fortify your skin’s natural barrier and prevent water loss. Coating your skin with a thick alpha-hydroxy body lotion peels away dead and dry skin, preventing the skin from flaking while simultaneously offering deep hydration. It’s a good idea to lubricate your skin through your diet. By loading up on foods rich in essential fatty acids (flaxseed, hemp, and olive oil), you help maintain your skin’s hydration. Also, it is imperative you stay hydrated with good ole H2O. Wash down at least six big glasses of water!

Preventing dry skin is equally as important during the colder months. We want to ensure that our skin is hydrated with the right balance of oil and water. For dry skin caused by a lack of oil, it is suggested to look for products that contain high concentrations of jojoba oil or olive oil. Jojoba oil helps in regulating the production of oil. So if the skin is dry, the jojoba oil will increase oil production. Olive oil is great because it is easily tolerated and absorbed by most skin types. It also does not clog pores and helps the skin naturally exfoliate.

Some important things to keep in mind when adjusting your winter skincare regimen include: eliminating harsh facial cleansers, staying away from moisturizers that contain mineral oil or petroleum, and not forgetting about sunscreen. The important do’s include: exfoliating, moisturizing daily and nightly, and using DIY masks with natural ingredients.

Well, there you go, the hard part has been done for you ladies. Now that you guys know the ins and outs and what to expect, it is time to get a head start and get the ball rolling in preparing your skin for winter. So shop the right products and reputable brands on Pakistan’s number one cosmetics website, just4girls.pk/blog. You’ll find everything you need to brace the winter and come out of hibernation with hydrated and nourished skin!

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