Where Does That Go? A Guide on Where to Apply Your Favorite Highlighter

There’s nothing like a gorgeous highlight on a person’s face. Seriously, when it’s applied correctly and in the right places, highlighter can really take your look to new heights.

The key to mastering the art of applying highlighter is first knowing where to apply this miraculous product.

Here are all the places where you can dab on that little bit of glow:

1. The Bridge of the Nose

Putting highlighter down the bridge of the nose has many benefits. One, it draws light and attention to the center of your face and two, it also works as a great way to contour your nose. If you’re adding contour colors, be sure to go with two shades darker than your normal foundation. The shape you choose is totally up to you; some people like to make their nose look slimmer, others tend to make it look less crooked. It’s all about what makes you comfortable and what works for you.

2. Above the eyelid crease and under the brow bone

There are so many reasons to put highlighter here. Seriously. It makes your eyes pop and look brighter, as well as helps define your eyebrow game. I would definitely use a nice, lush powder product rather than liquid. You can use either, but I find that the powder products give so much more oomph and life for me personally than a liquid when it comes to applying around the eyes.

3. The Apples of the Cheeks

This is the ideal place to put highlighter if you want to maximize your glow. This look can be pulled off with liquid or powder highlighter; it’s really up to you. To create, apply a small amount of highlighter in the center of the apple of your cheek. You want to be sure that you’re applying it over/alongside the top of your blush. If you put the highlighter where your blush goes then your makeup will look confusing and you’ll risk losing definition in your face.

4. The Cupid’s Bow

This is a go-to for many people. You can emphasize your beautiful lips and give your look a bit of romance with just a dab of highlighter on your Cupid’s Bow. It also gives you a really clean and precise lipstick look. This is a technique where you can use powder or liquid; you just want to make sure you’re keeping it on the Cupid’s Bow and not all over the top of the lip. Otherwise, it’s going to give you a milk moustache look and we don’t want that, do we?

5. Alongside the cheekbone

If you want a bit more definition, then angle your highlighter alongside the cheekbone ( but again, above where you apply your blush). This is going to give you a more precise definition rather than a big, lush glow. You can use liquid or powder highlighting powder for this look as well.

6. Center of the Eyelid

This is one that is tried and true. It gives your eyelids definition and it makes your eyes look bigger. I would use only a dab of powder highlighter here; a little bit of this goes a long way to be honest. If you over do it, then you run the risk of making your eyes look bleached out.


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7. Mix with Moisturizer or Serum

This is definitely best suited for liquid highlighters. Mix a drop or two of your liquid highlighter with your favorite moisturizer or serum and spread it all over your face for a super soft, romantic glow.

8. Inner Eye Corner

Adding just a dab of highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes brightens them up tremendously. If you’re having an off or down day, this is a great quick fix to get you back on your A game.

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Kat Dickerson
loves blogging about beauty and skincare.
Kat Dickerson

Kat Dickerson

loves blogging about beauty and skincare.

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