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MUA Brush E1 Eyeshadow

This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibres with a soft and dense rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed powder or loose eye shadows and pigments to the eyes. Learn More

MUA Brush E2 Eyeshadow Contour

Medium angled, tapered, flat top brush. Ideal for applying shadow in the corner, in the crease or all over the lid. It is especially handy for contouring and smudging any eye look. Learn More

MUA Brush E4 Eyeliner

A compact eyeliner brush for the handbag with top. With a precise finely pointed brush with finished tapered tip, provides a controlled, ultra-fine application of any powder, liquid or cream-based Learn More

MUA Brush E5 Eyelash

For application of mascara products and separating of lashes. This brush has synthetic fibres in a spiral pattern simulating a mascara wand design. Learn More

MUA Brush E6 Eyebrow With Comb

A eyebrow Brush with Comb is ideal for brushing through the brows and combing through eyelashes. Learn More

MUA Brush E7 Angled Brow Eye Brush

Small angled brush designed for eyebrow and eyeliner definition. Learn More

MUA Brush Eyeshadow - E8

This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm fibres. Smaller than our E1 brush this offers precision. Can be used to apply both pressed and loose pigment eye shades. Learn More


7 Item(s)

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