Hair Curling Bendable Foam Flexi Rods Blue (Random Color)

High quality flexible foam rods for curling your hair.
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Hair-Curling-Bendable-Foam-Flexi-Rods-Blue-(Random Color)

For women who love the look of spiral curls, foam and plastic rollers have been traditionally used to achieve the hair style. The curling iron and these rollers, however, provide inconsistent results and cause damage to hair follicles. With the introduction of the flexi rods, women seeking bouncy, sleek, spiral curls can have a more comfortable and consistent alternative. The noodle-shaped rods are as flexible as pipe cleaners and can be easily cleaned with warm water.

Pack Contains: 10 Rods - 22cm x 1.5cm each

How to use:

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Choose a conditioner that adds moisture and shine and controls frizz. Do not dry your hair with a towel as flexi rods require your hair to remain wet after washing.

2. Wrap a handful of your hair, from the tip to the root, in a flexi rod. Secure the rod in place by bending the ends toward each other. Repeat this step for all remaining sections of hair you want curled. If you are only curling a small section of your hair, such as your bangs, use a smaller flexi rod. If you bought a flexi rod set, you can choose from a variety of rod lengths.

3. Leave the flexi rods in your hair overnight. Secure your hair in a bonnet or satin wrap to hold them in place. For time-saving purposes, you can dry your hair under a hooded dryer. Traditional hair dryers may cause uneven drying, which could change the outcome of the curls.

4. Unravel each flexi rod the next morning or after your hair is completely dry. Spray your hair with holding spray, which gives your curls shine and holds them in place longer. Depending on your hair type, a spray containing alcohol can make your hair crunchy, sticky or frizzy.

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