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Saeed Ghani Almond Oil - 100ml

Almond oil is beneficial for skin and hair both. If applied to hair it nourishes hair and smoothes hair cuticles, makes hair long, strong and thick, adds shine and controls hair fall. Learn More

Saeed Ghani Coconut Oil - 100ml

Used as a hair treatment and a conditioner, coconut oil is known to add bounce and shine to dry and damaged hair Learn More

Saeed Ghani Jasmine Oil

For ages, the enchanting fragrance of Jasmine has spellbound people. Saeed Ghani’s Jasmine oil is most often used to cure dry or sore skin and itchy scalp. Learn More

Saeed Ghani Mustard Oil - 100ml

Mustard seed oil stimulates the scalp to promote hair growth Learn More

Saeed Ghani Mustard Oil - Pack Of 2

Saeed Ghani Mustard Oil - Pack of 2 is exclusively available on just4girls.pk Learn More

Saeed Ghani Olive Oil 100ml

Olive oil is a great bet for hair in case you need a fresh, healthier, silky and shiny hair. It can clean your hair and touch the scalp with some of is healing powers. Learn More

Saeed Ghani Sesame Oil 100ml

Applying sesame oil results in strengthening, darkening and nourishing the hair-shafts while promoting new hair growth. It spreads the natural oils of the hair, increasing hair luster and vibrancy. Learn More

Stageline Cleansing Oil 250ml

Make-up remover specially formulated with essential oils to remove all make-up products including waterproof mascara, fix eyeliner and resistant lipstick. Learn More

VLCC Depigmentation Facial Kit

This cleansing powder with goodness of long pepper & gooseberry , helps in removal of dead epithelial cells . It revitalizes the skin , shrinks the pores and lightenms blemishes and age spots. Learn More


9 Item(s)

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